Barcodes or RFID-tags for government,
administration and banking

Government and administration

The government and administrative services often use "tracking and tracing" for incoming and outgoing materials. The Army applies this technology for instance to follow up weapons that come back for revision, but there are ministries that want to digitize certain processes. Depending on the situation and specific needs departments can chose a barcoding- or RFID-solution.


Banks and insurance companies pay much attention to their processes. The administration and monitoring of internal and external flows of funds and securities has to be executed in an accurate way. PHI DATA provides complete solutions to optimalise those processes.

The financial sector still often ​​uses of paper files. Barcoding however, is a necessity for identifying and handling this information without commiting errors. For billing and to print statementses are a necessity for this information to identify and handle errors. Data matrix printers are often used for billing and to print statements.