Auto-ID in the industry      
Company processes in industry know a lot of different phases: In- and outbound of commodities, quality management, batch nr. registration, production, stock orderpicking & transport. These are the main processes that benefit from Auto-ID solutions, and they offer the greatest 'return on investment', both financially, as from an organizational point of view.  

The management of production facilities is sometimes based on incomplete or even incorrect information. To remain competitive, a close collaboration between suppliers and customers is essential. It is very important that a company knows what the status is of its products, people, cash and information during every phase of the production process. Insight in the supply management and the 'build-to-order' data is crucial. The registration, processing and accessibility of these data (past and actual) play an important role in all company processes. PHI DATA has the knowledge to track and trace the process data by using state of the art RFID, Voice and Mobile systems. Our Auto-ID solutions offer the possibility to follow the production and distribution processes throughout the supply chain. They also reduce the number of errors, which can save costs. Because the logistic management provides access to the right information thanks to data collection and processing, the efficiency increases and for example fraud and theft can be avoided, there are no more unnecessary orders, etc.   

Our portable and mobile Auto-ID terminals and print systems create dynamic work environments. All employees have access to 'real-time' information at any time.  Because of this fast and faultless process, more management information will be available, which leads to time and cost savings.