Barcode- or RFID-systems in healthcare &
pharmaceutical industry

In dynamic organizations such as healthcare it is literally of vital interest that data is efficiently and accurately recorded and easily accessible. The stored data does not only concern information on patients, but also the administration of stock in the central warehouse, pharmacy and surgery theaters. Employees, patients and goods move constantly through the buildings. Especially when it comes to patients, carefully tracking, registering and identifying is necessary. Therefore, the use of wireless networks in conjunction with barcode- or RFID-technologies is efficient and cost effective for these institutions. Smaller stocks are required and the primary process is performed more effective and accurate.

PHI DATA has been focussing on healthcare for decades and sees the implementation of a barcode- or RFID-system as an integral part of the overall solution, which includes software. A well-known example of the application of a barcode system to better serve the client, is the wristband that every patient gets when being admitted to a hospital. Each hospital decides for itsself what information the barcode should contain. That way all medical information, such as medication, blood type and transfusions, surgery and even meal choices of the patient is within immediate reach for nurses and doctors. Another key RFID-application is detection of wandering. It prevents patients and goods from leaving the building if that is not allowed.

Barcodes even make inventory management easier and more efficient. The trajectory of a product can be registered (When will it arrive? When will it go to a department? On which patient is it used and when?). It will also improve overview on the stocks, the use rate, the volume used per patient... By translating that data through barcodes into information, an institution is not only able to make policy decisions based on facts, but will also reduce errors and save time and costs.

RFID is often considered the successor to the barcode. An RFID-transponder consists of a smart chip with an antenna for wireless communication. A well-known RFID-application in healthcare is the registration of healthcare aids for rental and loans. It is also possible, for example, to register the temperature of the blood bags.

By using radio frequency technology, it doesn’t matter anymore where you are when you use your laptop or PC, allowing employees of the institution to perform multiple tasks in different places with a handheld. PHI DATA delivers tailored wireless networks. Through a wireless barcode terminal, PDA or tablet PC, the employee is always connected to the central information system.

PHI DATA has a strong focus on healthcare and collaborates with partners like Getronics, Pink Roccade Healthcare, Chipsoft, Philips Medical Systems, iSoft SAP, Oracle and Ricoh Farrington. These companies have a lot of experience within the healthcare segment. Therefore the implementation of a barcode- or RFID-system will be an integrated part of the total software solution.