Efficiency audit for companies with ambition

All companies seek continuous improvement in their businessprocesses.
Large companies find that an effective internal audit is an important tool for management. Control systems, efficient processes and an optimal organization are all absolutely essential in obtaining a competitive advantage in today's markets.

To maximise the total logistics efficiency, you have to be able to map this logistical efficiency. PHI DATA can help.

When to choose an Efficiency Audit?
You know that 1 or more processes are not running well, but don’t know what exactely is causing it.
You see a number of challenges, but are unsure where to start.
You have images of what should happen, but would like to have that confirmed by an external party.

What is an Efficiency Audit?
Interview with all concerned persons in the company to map the processes that are to be improved and clearly trace the problem (½ day).
Presentation of audit findings to stakeholders and senior management, where the problems and possible solutions are explained and an estimate is given of the time and costs required for the improvement project to be successfully executed and its potential impact on your business (½ day).
Summary report based on our findings and your input during the presentation along with a recommendation for possible next steps.

What are the advantages of an Efficiency Audit?
You get a grip on the cause of a problem, receive possible solutions and a few scenarios to choose from.
There is a sound starting position for the deployment of a process improvement project.
You have a business case that you can use to monitor the results and tests.
Ultimately, you are free to decide how you will move forward. If you prefer not to take any action at that moment, you have no obligations.

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