Partners & suppliers      


Motorola offers a wide portfolio of wireless access systems, voice & datacommunication systems and enterprise mobility solutions. These enterprise mobility solutions consist of Electronic Digital Assistants (EDAs), barcode scanners, RFID readers and wireless LAN infrastructure.



Intermec is a supplier and innovator of AIDC solutions and mobile computer systems.


Honeywell/Lxe develops and delivers mobile computers and data collection solutions for  applications throughout the supply chain. Specialized in mobile terminals that can be attached to vehicles or the employees themselves (on an arm or on a belt)LXE aims with these products especially at warehouse applications.


Datalogic manufactures barcode readers, mobile computers and RFID systems for use in industry, production, transport, logistics and retail.

Cisco offers consultancy, system integration, integration & hosting for internet / network solutions. Cisco also has partnerships with exclusively selected organisations that complement its technology and services.

AeroScout offers complete, wireless systems to track and trace in real time assets and persons, based on Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), within, amongst others, health care, production and logistics.


NordicID is a Finish supplier and innovator of wireless handheld terminals and AIDC solutions and mobile computer systems. A pioneer in the use of RFID technology, ergonomical design and innovation.


Topsystem is a German supplier of voice control systems (Pick by Voice, put away...) Thanks to the positioning of the solutions of top system (size & cost effective) the use of Voice technology is now available to medium-sized enterprises or local branches of multinationals.


Noax develops and manufactures rugged, touchscreen industrial PC’s that can survive the extreme conditions in industrial processes.


TOSHIBA TEC Europe Retail Information Systems NV is a manufacturer of advanced barcode and RFID printing solutions for the industry market and supply chain.

Printronix is manufacturer of advanced print solutions for the industry market
and supply chain, like line matrix printers and thermal transfer barcode printers.


Zebra Technologies is a manufacturer of a complete range of thermal barcode labelprinters and supplies, plastic card printers and RFID smart labelprinters / encoders.

Kyocera is manufacturer of eco-friendly print solutions and multi-functionals that can print, scan and fax.

Datamax O'neil

Datamax produces industrial thermic label printers & RFID printers.



Printek offers mobile thermal printers and dot matrix printers for high demand applications.


Inotec produces high level barcode and RFID solutions - e.g. barcode labels for shelving, floor markers and location signs & RFID labels - for a quick and accurate identification.

UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac offers RFID labels, tags and inlays.


Innovative smart labels to follow up on due dates, temperature violation or product authenticity.


Wavelink is a software supplier for the managing of (mobile) company infrastructure.

Worldwide leader for development of mobile device management and security software


Software solutions to plan, inform and follow-up on field personel


Arta delivers innovative solutions for the care sector. It's a user friendly planning solution for patients and resource logitics in hospitals. The wards can enter their own transport requests. In this system, the departments can see exactly what is the status of their orders. They can be assured that their orders are executed on time.
PSi and PSi Laser are german manufacturers of fanfold printer solutions for professional applications in logistics, industries and trading. The printers make use of serial dot matrix and laser technology. Typical applications are printing of all kinds of accompanying papers, documents, identification cards and labels