PHI DATA optimizes company processes for its customers, through the use of automatic identification, data collection, monitoring and location based services. We realize this by designing, programming, integrating & servicing Auto-ID solutions which are being used in industry, logistics, healthcare, government & the financial market.


We aim to be your first choice Auto-ID system integrator

PHI DATA believes in the results of a long-term vision. Our subcontractors, technologies and solutions are selected based on that vision. Our clients' success is our success, and together we can get better and stronger in this continuously evolving and challenging market. We want to be a transparent organization, with a clear goal: using our expertise to improve your company processes and be successful together.


Based on our expertise, experience, broad portfolio, service department & collaboration with our business partners, we deliver Auto-ID solutions from start to finish. In doing so, we focus on the following components:

  • Consultancy: every client is unique and has his own needs and wishes. Therefore, it is really important to map out the client's situation and use that as a base to achieve the ideal scenario. PHI DATA helps you with this, by defining the final goals and proposing the correct solution to help achieve your goals.
  • Development: in many cases, the client's wishes are that specific, that a tailor-made solution is needed. Our project leaders and software developers ensure a creative and qualitative solution. 
  • Implementation: the right choice of components, both for software and hardware (custom made if needed), result in a reliable and stable long-term solution.
  • Print media: our expertise makes it possible to develop and deliver the right labels and supplies for every application. This way, we ensure you the continuity of your solution, and you will not meet any surprises.
  • Service: to guarantee continuity of the business processes, we offer a range of service contracts for software and hardware, based upon your needs. Our software developers and technicians offer a quick technical support and intervene when necessary.
  • Innovation: technologies like RFID, RTLS and Voice recognition are being used more often than ever for Auto-ID purposes. PHI DATA keeps on developing its knowledge and experience in this area.