PHI DATA      

PHI DATA is a solution integrator that designs, implements and maintains Auto-ID, data collection, printing and mobile solutions. It concerns solutions for:
  • identification, follow-up and tracking and tracing of goods, samples, activa, means of transportation, vehicles, documents and people
  • inventory and warehouse management
  • processing, classification and transmittal of the goods (handling, sorting & routing)
  • pick-up and delivery of the goods
  • field and sales services
  • direct localization and positioning of people, vehicles and goods
  • safety and access control
  • registration of temperature, humidity and movement
  • printing and media
Our solutions guarantee that your organization disposes of accurate information and increase the productivity rapidly, providing a quick return on investment. We can ensure a strong cost reduction and an improvement of the business processes for which the Auto-ID solution has been implemented. 

Every solution is based on components like: 
  • software and services
  • barcodescanners and –decoders
  • labelprinters, matrixline and laserprinters and print media
  • mobile computers & industrial PDA’s 
  • RF Identification (RFID) & RF Datacommunication (RFDC)
  • voice recognition 
  • follow-up
As a solution integrator, PHI DATA works independently. This means that we look for the right solution for your organization, develop and implement it following your needs. We do this keeping our philosophy in mind, in which Creativity, Competence and Continuity are key drivers.