Unified visibility      
When you need to know where your goods and/or people exactly are, Unified Visibility will give you the answers. Based on a combination of wireless Cisco networking and active RFID tags, you'll get accurate information about where your assets are, what condition they are in and what there status is. That information is 24x7 available. Unified Visibility is also a solution that can be used in almost every business and for a variety of purposes:

For hospitals and other healthcare organizations it is essential to know where personnel and at least a selection of their patients are. It is important to know if people passed certain areas and if they actually are in specific sectors or not. With Real Time location systems that information is always at hand and is stored for reviewing when needed. You can read the story about the H.-Hartziekenhuis for a Unified Visibility case study in Healthcare.

Organisations with large buildings / premises and a lot of stock and/or expensive equipment have a hard job trying to keep track of all those items. When RFID tags are positioned on those materials, the Cisco wireless network will keep them up to date and thus decrease search time and costs for lost assets significantly.