Voice Picking

In addition to barcode scanning other technologies are used to manage the supply chain. Voice Picking is a widely used technology that is used in order picking.

When using voice recognition order pickers get their instructions through a headset. The employee can confirm the action using an integrated microphone. In about half of all WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems currently in use, voice recognisation is used. Voice picking / pick-by-voice is the most used feature.

Because electronic pick lists are communicated with the use of text-to-speech software via the headset, the order picker has both hands free. Through a microphone he gives a voice confirmation. Scanning, data entry and checking off lists are no longer needed. As a result, fewer errors are made, less time is needed and new employees are effective mucht faster. With voice picking the processes in the supply chain and warehouses run more efficient.

PHI DATA uses hardware for voice picking that - unlike speech controlled systems - function on standard mobile terminals. These terminals can thus not only be used for voice picking, but also for barcode scanning. Because standard databases are being used, these solutions can be easily integrated into existing WMS systems.