Auto-ID Software solutions

PHI DATA developed some Auto-ID software solutions to facilitate the management of the supply chain. In some cases these solutions are offered in a standard existing software package, in other cases software can be developed.


PHI DATA makes inventory management easy for installers and contractors with ID-Stock. This convenient and efficient solution always offers you a clear view of your inventory, even if it is spread over different locations (warehouse, vehicles, building sites...)
Using barcode scanning, ID-Stock registers your inventory movements in all stages of the logistics process. Using an industrial PDA you can registers and manages deliveries, orders and inventory at every store location. All this without loss of time and in real time.

You can also, while on location, place orders at your suppliers, register deliveries, do picking for customer orders, rent or lend equipment. With ID-Stock you always have the necessary information to clearly map your inventory and your costs.


The ID WMS package is PHI DATA's Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise). This way, PHI DATA wants to better serve the SME. Less paperwork, real-time information and better tracking of goods in process are matters that are not only reserved for large organizations.

With ID-WMS you keep track of your warehouse inventory in real time. In addition, you or your customers can, by using a web page, create orders or deliveries from a distance. The information on number of executed stock movements and the number of days of storage at pallet level is done automatically for every customer, warehouse and period.

Thanks to the optimal use of barcodes, each storage unit and inventory location is uniquely identified. All stock movements, such as receiving, putaway, replenishment of picking locations, inventory and picking operations can be performed with a portable industrial terminal with an RF connection (WiFi). This reduces the administrative work in the warehouse to the absolute minimum.


The ID Assets package is the fixed asset management system of PHI DATA. This system allows identification of objects of all kinds with a unique identification number (barcode). You identify the objects using an inventory recording. Data is released using a comprehensive reporting tool. That way you have all the information regarding the company's assets (quantity, condition, location). Your data collection is clear and easy.


Proof of Delivery is unmistakably an important part of the supply chain. Unigro, for instances uses the eID card to get a 100% conclusive legal proof of delivery to its customers.