Uniform labeling of chemicals
thanks to EU GHS standard

What does the Global Harmonization System (GHS) mean for European chemical companies?

The classification and labeling of chemicals for trade and transport is different for every region. Hence chemical companies had to adjust their labeling for every market to avoid fines and seizures.

A substance that was labeled 'extremely dangerous' in the US could be labeled 'slightly toxic' in the EU.
The new EU regulation should contribute to uniformise the identification, classification and labeling of chemicals all over the world.
The implementation date of this new worldwide standard differs from country to country and even for different types of product. The implementation of the GHS standards started December 1 2010 and will continue.

The European introduction of GHS means that labeling systems of chemical companies in Europe have to undergo the following changes

-    Hazard and Precautionary labels (respectively, hazard statements and precautionary) is replaced by the new GHS standard (Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)) the Risk and Safety indications of the Dangerous Substances Directive (Directive 67/548 (DSD) and 1999/45 (DPD)).
-    The new law has minimal requirements for the dimensions of the icons labeled in proportion to the package contents.
-    EU-GHS introduces the signal words "danger" for the most dangerous category within a class and "warning" for the less dangerous category in the class.
-    The old icons with orange background are replaced with new icons in a red diamond. It is no longer allowed to use black diamonds or to leave pre-printed red diamonds blank.

As a result the labe printers have to print in two colors or pre-printed labels with red diamonds have to be present on the printers. Given the very aggressive environments labels are exposed to and the importance of them to remain readable, thermal printing is the most appropriate technology, but multicolor printing is no standard for thermal printers.

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