Printing of labels and RFID-labels      

A successful and well-functioning Auto-ID solution is strongly dependent on the performance of the label printers, and the quality of the printed labels. Whether it’s bar code labels or integrated RFID tags, the quality of the printing material is basic for a successful solution. The correct choice of the type of printer, consumables and services is therefore of utmost importance. A good print of a barcode or a correctly programmed RFID tag ensure fast scanning and fewer data errors and therefore contribute to an efficient solution.

If you want a carbon copy A3 size to use in an industrial environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or a small label for blood tubes in a sterile environment? PHI DATA offers a wide range of professional printing solutions for every environment and every application.

Our account managers are experts in the field of label printers, labels, thermal ribbons and barcode scanners. They first analyze the purpose and circumstances and then select the solution that’s most appropriate for you. The emphasis is on the right combination of label printers, label materials, adhesives, thermal ribbons and design. Need pre-printed labels in color, with cutting lines or perforations or special notches or other variations? We also help decide on the type of label printer that’s most suitable: laser printers, dot matrix printers and other multifunction printers.

Printers are an essential link in an Auto-ID solution. Because they are constantly exposed to temperature fluctuations, dust and other environmental factors, malfunctions may appear. Moving parts wear out through daily use. A service contract with a guaranteed response time is a must to ensure continuity of your business processes.

Uniform labeling of chemicals thanks to EU-GHS-norm

The classification and labeling of chemicals for trade and transport is different for every region. Hence chemical companies had to adjust their labeling for every market to avoid fines and seizures.

A substance that was labeled 'extremely dangerous' in the US could be labeled 'slightly toxic' in the EU. Click here for more info >>