Maintenance & Repair of Auto ID Material

After the implementation of an Auto-ID project or installation of equipment, the applications are an essential part of your company processes. Down time will result in extra cost and time. To minimize this risk, we offer a number of service contracts for hardware, specificly alignes to your equipment and needs. For the maintenance of your software, we recommend Software Support. You can choose from the following service levels:
Remote Support (RS) :

guarantees an agreed response time to investigate and resolve problems over the phone. There is a Single Point of Contact for technical assistance and a choice of 5, 10 or 25 remote supports annually.
Remote Diagnostics (RD):
a supplement to Remote Support. Allows our technicians to get access to the equipment through an Internet connection, allowing diagnosing and solving the problem.
On Site Support (OS):
guarantees the presence, on site at the customer, of an experienced technician, who is able to replace or reconfigure equipment. For support on site, there are guaranteed response times (4, 8 or 16 workhours) and - if necessary - replacement equipment.
Printing Maintenance (PM):
a supplement to On Site Support. With regular checks - by one of our certified technicians – of the main components of your printer, a constant functioning is guaranteed.
Parts Replacement (PR):
guarantees the delivery of the correct replacement parts within the mutually agreed time frame based on:
In Advance: Customer will receive new part in advance. Client then sends defective part back to PHI DATA.
Swap: Replacement parts are - within the agreed time - on site exchanged with the defective parts, which are later returned for repair.
Specials: Especially for the customer configured backup equipment (owned by the customer or by PHI DATA). This equipment is at the customers or PHI DATA provides storage near the customer.
Extensive Service (ES):
this combination of RS, OS and PR guarantees you a high service level. ES entitles service with a response time of up to 2, 4 or 8 hours. You can also choose from repair times of up to 4, 8 or 16 hours. The equipment will be repaired within the specified time, by on-site repair or, if the Service Desk finds complete replacement necessary, by swapping.
The Service Desk will provide within the agreed response time diagnostic support (RS) and if necessary, arrange for replacement equipment on location, reconfiguration and testing. What equipment falls under ES is at the discretion of PHI DATA. This service is not applicable to equipment older than 5 years.

Carry in (CI):
for equipment where there is no on-site support available or desirable. You can choose from different repair times. The cost of return shipping within the Netherlands and the costs of labor and parts are covered.
Site Care (SC):
entitles customers to an annual inspection of their radio system which is monitored on network coverage, functional operation and control if the right software and firmware installed.

Software Support (SS):
gives you the assurance that your software application is always functioning and up to date. If necessary, our technicians provide on-site support.
Service Level Management (SLM):
In case of large implementations with the necessary service levels, it is practical to make use of Service Level Management. In that case PHI DATA appoints a project manager to manage all services provided in the related Service Level Agreement (SLA) and to be the fixed contact for the customer. SLM will regularly report on the quality of service. If necessary, in consultation with the customer, specific action will be planned to improve services. SLM is the owner of this action plan and ensures that it efficiently put into effect.

We take great care in keeping the expertise of our Service department at the highest level. Our Service Level agreements are therefore executed by engineers that are accredited and trained by our hardware & business partners:

  • Zebra ZASP (Zebra Accredited Service Partner)
  • Printronix PSP (Preferred Service Partner)
  • Intermec IGSP (Intermec Global Service Partner)
  • PSI / Printek / Datamax / Toshiba-Tec Service center / provider
  • Datalogic Mobile Benelux ARC (Accredited Repair Center voor de Benelux)
  • Akerstrom ARC (Accredited Repair Center)
  • Datalogic PSC (Scanning Service center / provider)
  • Datalogic Automation Service center / provider