Mobile solutions      

More and more companies optimize their mobile infrastructure. Employees are often on the road and can access the corporate databases with all current data via a mobile network (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA). This gives organizations the option to change their work flow in order to increase the output of employees and resources. Activities that thusfar were still connected to fixed locations can now be executed everywhere.

In addition to the possibility of reading barcodes and RFID-tags on goods, mobile workers can have access to all the current data. They can check stocks, track containers, transmit orders and service tasks on location.  register electronic signatures when goods are delivered and using a built-in camera, they can even register damage to shipments. With the mobile computer and printer all can be handled entirely on location.

Moreover, you can use GPS (Global Positioning System) - whether or not linked to a navigation system – to determine the exact location where employees are located. All these mobile applications result in higher productivity, time savings, better management information and improved customer satisfaction.

Of course, your existing system has to connect technically seamlessly to the mobile solution. To do that, it’s necessary to know what information should be scanned and whether a barcode scanner must be integrated in the mobile computer.

Which applications should be implemented in advance? What are the requirements regarding installation? Is there an extra service required? These are just some questions that influence the choice of mobile computer.

PHI DATA integrates PDAs and tablet PCs in different applications and also develops and supplies the appropriate software. We will gladly advise you on the most appropriate solution for your environment.