Barcode: scanner, label and printer

Over 30 years barcodes (both linear and the more compact 2D barcode) are being used succesfully to scan products such as rackings, flooring, boxes, tubes, bags, transmissions, persons, semifinished products, test tubes, blood bags, inventory, furniture, jewelry, plants, flowers, events, laboratories, pallets, crates, barrels, files, lottery tickets, tax forms, price tags, shelf labels, ...

Barcode printers and scanners can only be used optimally with the right labels. Barcode labels of good quality provide perfectly scannable barcode prints with a low chance on errors. For best results you should keep account of the circumstances in which the printing solution will be used and keep in mind the material of the labels and barcode readers or barcode scanners.

At PHI DATA you can find labels in many materials such as thermal and thermal transfer paper, board, polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester. In these materials, you can choose from different types of glue line: removable, permanent, extra permanent or frozen. Of course, the glue line depends on the specific application and the subsoil on which the label with bar code is applied on the goods.

If you do not have enough storage space, you can choose a tailored contract. In such cases, the delivery takes place according to an agreed-upon delivery schedule, and you’ll receive a quantity discount. You will not only enjoy the financial benefits, but this is also easy organizationally, since you are sure of the availability of your labels.

Racking identification

Barcodes are not only used to identify products. They also come in handy to find the right positions/locations in warehouses and distribution centers. The added value lies in the extra efficiency and time savings: a system with barcodes would increase knowledge of what product is where. Forklift drivers and warehouse pickers find locations more easily.

PHI DATA has amassed considerable knowledge about racking identification and uses various barcode technology to provide the right racking identification for every situation. The optimal alignment between the technology, software, hardware and barcodes provide a faultless track.