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PHI DATA gets five-year contract at SCA Hygiene Products Stembert with innovative label solution

posted 16 Apr 2012, 08:19 by PHI DATA   [ updated 18 May 2012, 07:03 ]
Label as a Service formula ensures productivity paper manufacturer
PHI DATA has brought in a first contract with his new concept Label Easy.This all-in label solution is implemented the beginning of March 2012 at SCA Hygiene Products Stembert, supplier of household and sanitary goods.Thanks to the all-inclusive plan, the company is assured of continuity in services and supplies and productivity are guaranteed. The cooperation covers five years, in which PHI DATA will deliver over 40 million tags to SCA Hygiene Products.

Labelling Managed Services
LabelEasy was launched end of 2011 on the Belgian market. This new concept offers an all-in label solution at a fixed price per label and provides a clear plan with regard to delivery and maintenance. Thus, the customer has a global solution, one contract, one contact and a fixed all-inclusive price per label. Therefore it is no longer necessary to use different vendors in all steps of the printing process - from purchase to installation and training phase to operational phase - . The biggest advantages are the ease of use, flexibility and time savings but also the quality that remains consistent because only one party takes all in management.
SCA Hygiene Products selected first on the Belgian market for LabelEasy. "The importance of labels and printers is 
often underestimated however, mission critical products, which ensure that we remain productive. We only saw advantages in the new formula of PHI DATA, and, on the basis of previous collaborations, quickly decided to go with them.

Thanks to LabelEasy we can now rely on a vendor to manage the entire printing process and all deliveries. 
Moreover, we have a predictable and cost spread function of our production volume, and there is no high investment costs at the beginning, "says Mr. Gregoire, financial director at SCA Hygiene Products.

"With LabelEasy we try to better respond to current needs of our customers and market trends. Instead of ordering their labels and  printers separately and to buy maintenance contracts insurance, they can now contact us for an all-in 'label as a service' formula. 
In addition to of the numerous practical advantages we offer companies a primarily a huge peace of mind, "says Rudi Lambrechts, Business Development Manager, Print Media Solutions at PHI DATA.